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If you'd like to help Micaa' prepare for her Championship level journey and assist her tournament-related expenses, your donations will help cover tournament-related expenses:

  • Tournament Registration Fees

  • Hotel Costs 

  • Caddie Fees 

  • Transportation (Flights & Gas)

  • Training

  • Equipment Costs (golf balls, clothing, clubs, etc...)

  • Food

  • Lesson Fees

  • Practice Rounds

I've listed a couple of "sponsorship tiers" that I've outlined below. Your contributions will not always be used for the precise cause stated in the name; it is only a title.  All donations are treated as gifts, not investments.

The estimated cost per tournament is around $2,000.  With the competitive plan of playing in 10 WAPT events, state opens, plus the entry fee and three stages for Q-School, the expected cost is $37,000 for the year.  Click to see a Detailed Breakdown of the expenses.


If you're interested in learning more about corporate sponsorships, please contact me.

Tournament Sponsor:  $2,000

This sponsorship would cover the entire tournament, including the entry fee, hotel costs, travel costs, meals, and equipment, among other things.

Equipment Sponsor:  $1,000

This sponsorship would cover equipment expenses for a portion of the 2022 season.  This would include grips, club repairs, clothing, etc.

Entry Fee Sponsor:  $500

This sponsorship would cover an entry fee into one of the tournaments on the Women's All-Pro Tour (WAPT).

Travel Sponsor:  $300

This sponsorship would cover travel expenses such as gas and/or flight.

Hotel Sponsor:  $200

This sponsorship would cover one night in a hotel for a tournament.

Food Sponsor:  $100

This sponsorship would cover a portion of meals and snacks for a tournament.


Any amount for a donation would be greatly appreciated, the levels listed above are guidelines and there is no set dollar amount.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be given by check, cash, or Venmo if you want to financially support the start of my career.  If you know anyone else who would be interested, please forward this to them!

To make a check donation, go
HERE and print a form to fill out and mail in.  The PDF form will contain all of the necessary information.

Please fill out the form below to donate by Venmo, and I will contact you with the information.

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