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Penny and the Peanut

In the book “Penny and the Peanut,” Penny and Madison are two best friends that always have fun together after school.  Unexpectedly, Penny has an allergic reaction after eating Peanut Butter cookies with her friend Madison.  Through this experience, Penny learns the importance of recognizing the signs of a severe allergic reaction to help save her friend!  

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‘Penny and the Peanut is a fantastic way to convey a potentially lifesaving message to children with and without food allergies and their families.’ -Dr. Sara Anvari

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents and teachers to educate all young kids on the importance of food allergies and to increase their sensitivity and compassion towards those who face this critical illness daily.
I wrote "Penny and the Peanut" as a medical guide to help all kids and parents with and without food allergies to understand this life-threatening condition. The book illustrates to children what to do in the event of an emergency in the absence of an adult to help save lives.


What Will You Get From This Book?

The book “Penny and the Peanut” is fun and inclusive with dynamic and colorful illustrations.  Do not take our word for it, below Dr. Sara Anvari, an Allergy & Immunology Specialist from The Texas Children's Hospital highlights the valuable messages she expressed after reading "Penny and the Peanut."


It is a useful tool because of its:         Educational content
       Diverse audience appeal               Pertinent message to                     children and parents who             are concerned about peanut         allergies

Adapting New Ideas

       Teaches children the                     importance of recognizing           allergic reactions
       Helps identify symptoms of         peanut allergies

Leadership Skills

       Practical instructional tool           and a pleasing narrative
       Supports sensitivity to                   children and families                     defeating the challenges of           allergies

Communication Keys

       Offers a clear educational             opportunity for children to           learn key life-saving                       strategies
       Can utilize these strategies           in the event of a medical               emergency


Awards & Accolades



FARE Summit 2022

About the Author
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About the Author

Micaa’ Thomas was born in Beaumont, Texas, and currently resides in Maryland.  She is a Professional Golfer, Painter, Film Director, Producer, and a First-Time Author.  She is a 2020 graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah, Georgia.  At SCAD, she majored in Visual Effects, Animation, and Drawing and was a student-artist-athlete on the women’s golf team. During her free time, Micaa’ loves to paint portraits using oil paint as her medium.
For more information about Micaa’, please visit her film and book website at:


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